The Reggio Emilia philosophy

The Reggio Emilia philosophy of education inspires my life and everything I do. The philosophy was founded by Loris Malaguzzi and is embraced by most schools in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The philosophy is now widely adapted by countries all over the world, creating a system of Reggio inspired schools and facilities. To find out more about the approach read this blog post and sign up to my mini email course that takes you through the basic principles of the approach. 

Amy Kay

Hi, I am Amy Kay, more commonly known as Miss Kay. I am a Reggio inspired teacher, mom and life long learner. Welcome to my blog and website; a place for fun, a place for learning.

I first came across the Reggio Emilia philosophy in 2009 when studying my Bachelor of Education degree. As fate would have it, while investigating various teaching philosophies, I was assigned to write a report on the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Ever since then I knew this is how education should be.

I then went on to work  for 10 years as a preschool class teacher and then as an Atelierista in a private school that embraced the philosophy. I was privileged to attend the international Reggio conference in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The school I worked at also held yearly conferences focusing on deepening teachers understanding of the philosophy.

I have also completed a wonder-led approach certificate through Fairy Dust teaching.

I currently have a gorgeous 4 year old daughter that attends a wonderful Reggio inspired school.

I am passionate about early childhood education, the Reggio philosophy, creative arts, play based and inquiry led education. I was inspired to start this blog to share my knowledge of teaching and help both teachers and parents embrace the Reggio philosophy into their own lives and classrooms.

Today I run my own art studio business and am a blogger and creative facilitator. 

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