Drawing with wet chalk

Today, a beautiful winters day I decided to try out wet chalk drawing. And I was not disappointed, even my little one decided to join in. The best part about chalk drawing is you can simply use any brick surface you have, floor or wall and draw as big as you like. It simply washes off and you have a blank canvas again. Drawing with chalk is different and rather therapeutic, I enjoyed how the water changed the consistency of the chalk. This is also a fun way for children to experience a different texture, the soft chalk on the rough bricks. You can also use a chalk board if you have one.

How easy is it?

SO easy! Simply grab a small bowl of water and some chalk. Dip the chalk in the water and draw. I used jumbo sidewalk chalk and normal coloured chalk. Both worked well, the jumbo chalk is a bit easy to hold for smaller hands.

Just a note, the chalk doesn’t last very long. When you wet the chalk it changes it into a creamy consistency and it uses up a lot of chalk. I would be prepared to use one set of chalk just for this activity. I also love the way how vibrant the chalk looks when wet and how it looks when dried.

I would definitely recommend giving this a try and bonus is it takes less than 5 minutes to set up.


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