Sensory fun with jelly

This is a fun sensory activity for toddlers and older children. It is interesting and oogey and gooey and some might say a bit gross. But kids love it.

You will have to prepare the jelly the night before so it can set. Children can exercise their fine motor skills when using a pipette or dropper. Children will also have fun seeing the colours mix and the effect the colours have in the jelly.

You will need:

  • Jelly ( I used two boxes of litchi flavor as its clear) or gelatin
  • a mold (I used a ring jelly mold)
  • food colouring or liquid watercolour
  • pipettes or droppers for each colour

How to:

Prepare the Jelly or Gelatin according to the packet instructions and as much as you need to fill your mold. Set the jelly/gelatin in the fridge overnight.

When you are ready to use it, de-mold it onto a tray and set out food colour/watercolour into mini containers with the pipettes.

Let your child suck up the colour with the pipette and inject it into the Jelly.


I hope you and your child enjoyed this activity. It can get messy so be prepared. This is a great activity for outside on a warm summers day.

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