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Mindfulness and ADD

What is mindfulness?

I used to think it was sitting in silence, breathing, and becoming a different person. Kind of impossible for someone with A.D.D. Being diagnosed with ADD at the tender age of 34 is interesting. I have zero hyperactivity, like I don’t bounce off the walls unless I am sleep deprived. I have anxiety which is closely linked to ADD but I developed ways of ‘controlling’ it and squashing it down as best I could. Sometimes it worked and seemed fine on the surface but was drowning on the inside but what choice does one have really? I take meds and they work because seeing a psychiatrist who knows what they are doing is key.

Anyways back to mindfulness. I think it is slightly different for everyone but for me, it means not letting your mind wander too much. I think about a million things all the time and it is exhausting. So, for me it is letting my brain take a time-out. I had to find something I can do that I don’t have to stress out about. For me yoga is always a win. I am so focused on not falling over that for that hour I am not thinking about anything but the task at hand. The other thing I like to do is, doodle and paint. Nothing worthy of hanging in a gallery but that is kind of the point. I can keep them, I can throw them away, I can stop if it looks awful and start something new. I often do this while watching tv, usually while watching friends. I like the background noise and the combination of the tv and doodling keeps my mind off thinking and worrying.

When I need inspiration for what to doodle or paint, I turn to Pinterest. I prefer to stick to abstract things because I find it less stressful. Zentangles are my favorite and mandalas. Making a mandala is fun but very technical. To draw the grid takes time and measuring so I must be in the mood to do all that. You are welcome to follow my Pinterest doodle board if you need some inspiration. I also post my doodles on my insta page if they look decent.

I keep my doodling pens and paper close by and where I can see them so that I remember to take the time out to do it. If I am not in the mood then I don’t do it, there are no rules, but it is nice to make it something I do regularly. Plus, every now and again it gives me an excuse to spend way too much time shopping for stationery and trying out new pens.

How about you? Do you doodle?

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