Online Art class

All new and exclusive online art class hosted by Thinkific and/or Udemy

Online art lessons for ages 5+

Pre-recorded lessons for you to follow along with

Accessible at any time

Go at your own pace

Stop and pause when needed

Only basic supplies needed

Lots of fun

Learn new techniques and ideas

Great ideas for indoor rainy days

Learn about famous artists Kandinsky, Delaunay and Yayoi Kusama

Course content:

  1. Welcome
  2. Supplies needed
  3. How to use water colours
  4. Warm and cool colours
  5. Circle hunt
  6. Circle art
  7. Sun burst picture
  8. Magic Pastel picture
  9. 3D paper sculptures
  10. DIY bird feeder
  11. Cloud dough
  12. Looking at famous artist Yayoi Kusama
  13. Looking at famous artists Kandinsky and Delaunay
  14. Kandinsky and music

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