Why did I start Miss Kay’s Atelier?

Miss Kay’s Atelier is for those who want to learn more about the Reggio approach to education.


I want to…

1.Provide thought and ideas that challenge the way you see children.

What we believe children are or are not capable of will determine how we teach and parent. What we call our ‘image of child’ is formed from societal views, personal upbringing, and life experience. I would like to challenge parents to think about the way they see their child and re-evaluate their views.

I think it is a powerful exercise and one that people do not often do. If you believe children are helpless and useless then perhaps you are doing everything for them. If you decide to perhaps let your child do some things on their own, you will see how capable they actually are. What are your beliefs about children?

2.Provide fun activity ideas for young children.

It can be difficult to keep children busy and engaged and I will share with you some activities I have done with my own class or daughter. I believe children should have multisensory experiences; sensory play is vital for young children. Most of the activities are open ended and are for young children to explore, think, experiment and most importantly- play.

3.Teach parents and teachers more about the Reggio approach

The Reggio approach to teaching resonates with me and I could never go and teach in a traditional preschool again. Reggio is not the be all and the end all, and as a teacher and parent I incorporate many different theories and philosophies about children and education. I think the Reggio approach just works in a way that one can explain how and why I would do something.

4. Share my experience

As I love sharing and helping others, my blog is purely based on my knowledge, experience, and views. It may not resonate with everyone and that is perfectly fine. Not everything I do is ideal, works out or is perfect. I do enjoy sharing my experience in the hope it may help someone on day.


Miss Kay’s atelier is a place for fun and a place for learning. It is for teacher and parents and anyone passionate about early childhood education. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment under a post or follow me on Facebook and Instagram and send me a message.